Banksy Captured by Steve Lazarides (Unnumbered)


Unnumbered Run-On from the First Edition

260 X 210 X 21 mm

Paperback, thread sewn, 256 pp


We have a small number of un-numbered run-ons from the first edition available. Instead of letting these take up warehouse space, we have decided to make these available to the public.


BANKSY CAPTURED by Steve Lazarides charts the birth of our modern day Robin Hood. A true art legend, a man able to articulate the voice of subculture that made its way to the mainstream.  

The negatives for these pictures lay in Lazarides’ loft for many years whilst Banksy’s rise to fame became undeniable these pictures took on a different meaning than just personal, private documentation. 

Along with never before heard tales of the artist at work and absurdist capers from their time working together BANKSY CAPTURED shares a moment in time before the artworld and most of the globe took note.

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