About Banksy Captured

Banksy Captured is the only place to purchase the new book by Steve Lazarides. Pay witness to these untold stories and key moments in Banksy’s career, filtered through the shattered brain of Mr Lazarides.

Before he wrote this book though and prior to being Banksy’s agent, Steve Lazarides started out as picture editor and in-house photographer at Sleaze Nation, during this time he was also documenting various subcultures.

Some twenty years later, he has decided that not all of his archive is shit. In fact some of it borders on good and is exclusively revealed here, including portraits of the legend Banksy himself.

Lazarides went on from his photojournalist days to co-found Pictures on Walls, with Banksy...christ, there’s a theme here! Pictures on Walls sold artwork by JR, VHILS, Invader, Jamie Hewlett, Todd James, Zeus, Anthony Micallef, Jonathan Yeo, Mode2, 3D, Stanley Donwood, Faile, Bast, and Paul Insect

He continued to champion the street art movement into the mainstream at his Lazarides gallery (as well as prints at Lazarides Editions). 

Lazarides has always fought for the outsider and the voice of counter-culture. Here he gives you an exclusive glimpse into his world.

Press Mentions

Banksy Captured has been kindly mentioned by a few people, the likes of The Independent, BBC, Sky NewsEvening Standard, CNN, LAD Bible, Daily Mail, ITV, New York Post, NME, MetroHigh Snobiety, Dazed Magazine and many more...


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